Tom Misch on a ‘Mischon’ with new EP 5 Day Mischon

A behind the scenes insight into the making of new EP, 5 Day Mischon.

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The ever so charismatic and wide-eyed new kid on the block Tom Misch can be seen doing exactly what he does best in the comfort of his own bedroom in the YouTube documentary ‘5 Day Mischon‘. In this, we got an insight of just how exactly Misch goes about creating, producing, and perfecting his captivating electro nu-disco tracks off of his most recent EP 5 Day Mischon.

Recorded over five days in his South London home, the EP collaborates with talent such as Carmody, Novelist, and Will Heard. Misch can be seen vibin’ in his mum’s art studio, working with different artists each day and finishing the tracks by the end of the day. “That’s the kind of ethos of this project, where I just make music in a day, and release it the next week” says Tom in the BTS documentary in the making of 5 Day Mischon.

Misch’s concentration and dedication to his music is definitely heard in his flawless EP.

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