Try and keep up with Zilo, London’s newest R&B talent

Fans of Hawkhouse and Sub Luna City, meet Zilo, the latest Londoner to take on the sound of the golden age.

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London’s love affair will 90s hip hop will never end. While America has all but abandoned the sound of the golden age there are plenty of London MCs taking up the mantle and injecting new life into it. Sure grime and afroswing are booming but British hip hop is alive and well too. Case and point is Zilo, an up and coming singer and MC whose reviving boom bap with a carefree flow and sunny aesthetic. Her debut single ‘Know That I Want You’ set her apart from the masses of rising singers and MCs in the capital right now and her latest track ‘Keep Up Wimmi’ has only furthered the gap.

Unashamedly upbeat and blissful, ‘Keep Up Wimmi’ is a boom bap track softened around the edges by a love for 90 R&B and Zilo’s naturally hazy voice. The accompanying video, premiering today on Notion, sees Zilo on a lighthearted tour of her ends, hijacking a mobility scooter and strolling through the woods without a care. It’s a simple but direct introduction to Zilo’s world, showcasing her paintings and artwork throughout as well. Watch the video for ‘Keep Up Wimmi’ below.

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