TUSKA revive British psychedelia on Brother

TUSKA are a new British psych-duo that already been racking up comparisons to Tame Impala but the duo have more to them than a touch of the Kevin Parker's.

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At last the long slumber of British ‘guitar music’ may be coming to an end. King Krule has a new album on the way, Cosmo Pyke continues to merge the worlds of jazz and indie with deft soul and the Fat White Family, and their various side projects (The Moonlandingz, Insecure Men, Meat Raffle et al.) continue to reign supreme. Now, psychedelia fans can add newcomers TUSKA to that list of growing lights.

Only one EP deep into their career, the duo have already garnered comparisons to Tame Impala with their expansive, tripped-out sound and dreamy falsetto vocals. Listen deeper to their new single ‘Brother’ however, and it’s clear there’s more to the duo than a case of the Kevin Parker’s.

Premiering on Notion today, ‘Brother’ is the second single from TUSKA. Layers upon layers of instrumentation melt together, drooping and reforming as they float along seemingly of their own accord. Keyboards pulse, hazy vocals soar, and guitars shift between a Johnny Marr-esque waterfall of chords and the robotic, space-age stabs that punctuate the song’s chorus. It’s the kind of sound a six-piece troupe of Grateful Dead fans would struggle to piece together, let alone a duo on their first EP. Expect them to work wonders when festival season 2K18 rolls around. Watch the video for ‘Brother’ below.

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