Vandana dives into the dark on new single Jaan

Vandana goes on a gothic journey on new Nox Anima single Jaan.

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The deepest introspection often comes at night. Lying in bed, the world shut out; your mind can’t help but delve into your innermost desires and insecurities. It’s a limbo of sorts, stuck between the freedom of sleep and the control of being awake. It’s no surprise then that much of the best art in the world is born from, or takes place at, night. On her new EP, Nox Anima, New York via India producer Vandana embraces the night in all its forms. Drawing on the brooding electronics of Aphex Twin and Thom Yorke and the gothic sensibilities of The Cure, Edgar Allen Poe and Lars Von Trier, Vandana uses the mystery of the night to craft rippling, introspective electronic music that unsettles and soothes in equal measure.

New single ‘Jaan’, premiering today on Notion, uses the forest as it’s guide, telling the tale of a journey to reconnect with the primitive, animal side of human nature. Subtle grooves and waves of synth give way to dense layers of vocals which roll in like fog through the trees. It’s also a tale of reconnection with a lover, the song’s title ‘Jaan’ translates literally to ‘life’ in Urdu and Sanskrit but is often used to refer to a loved one or spouse. It’s a dark yet tender track, one that balances the mysticism of the night and the longing of love in equal measure. Listen below.

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