VanJess’ new single Easy is going to be the sleeper hit of the summer

Two Nigerian-American sisters join forces with LA singer-songwriter Berhana and NYC's Leikeli 47 for a song that will have you dreaming of the months to come.

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I don’t know what it is about certain songs that make them feel like summer, but there’s something. Perhaps its a shimmer in the background, a hint of the sun beating off hot pavement or a loucheness that evokes images of gardens and barbecues and parks or maybe it’s just as simple as a track being upbeat. Whatever it is, it’s definitely not to with the time of year the song is released. Right now it’s February, in case you didn’t know, and there’s a polar vortex on the way to London. Because of this, all music should sound cold and ominous, like auditory preparation for a week spent inside as much as humanly possible, but listening to VanJess‘ new single ‘Easy’ and staring out of the window at the crisp blue sky, all I can think about is summer.

The latest release from the Nigerian-American duo, comprised of sisters Ivana and Jessica Nwokike, ‘Easy’ is premiering on Notion today. An unashamedly dreamy and sunny sounding track it sees the siblings join forces with neo-soul singer Berhana and masked New York City rapper Leikeli 47. Over a slinky beat that’s equal parts disco and west coast anthem, with glittery synths and chunky 808 bass, the three artists trade verses, Leikeli switching up her sound for a Stranger Things-referencing sixteen. For three minutes and fifty-five seconds, from the moment VanJess’ hazy vocals open the track to subtle fade of the drums right at the very end, it feels like it’s twenty-eight degrees outside and you’ve been sent home from work because it’s just so damn nice outside. Listen to ‘Easy’ below.

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