Vök get lost in the depth’s of Iceland’s winter in the new video for ‘Show Me’

Vök are Iceland's most exciting new electronic group, we premiere the video for their new single 'Show Me' shot it in the depths of the Icelandic winter

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In the depths of winter, Iceland is dark. Very dark. Throughout the coldest months, the sun rises for only 6 or 7 hours a day. It’s pitch black when you wake up, and it’s pitch black when you go to sleep. While the near-constant dark might hinder some, for Reykjavik’s Vök, it inspires.

Over the last four years or so, the band have been crafting brooding electronic works, drawing on the dramatic scenery and seasons of their home country. Picking up praise for their pair of EPs the group have built a substantial following both in Iceland and abroad with their ethereal sound. Now, they’re gearing up to release their debut album Figure and taking their sound to new heights. The group’s latest single ‘Show Me’ is a delicate multi-layered affair that fuses grace and drama of The xx with their own unique approach to production and texture. Tender guitars fuse with samples and haunting electronics to create a tender, almost erotic feeling to the track, balancing mystery and desire in equal parts as it slow burns its way along.

That feeling of drama and desire is echoed in the band’s new video for the track, directed by Hörður Freyr Brynjarsson. Shot in the middle of Iceland’s winter the video utilises the dark, casting its scenes in a deep, gloomy hue. Brynjarsson contrasts Iceland’s natural darkness with his use of neon and fluorescent light, making every splash of colour, from the headlights of a car to the vibrant yellow of a cocktail into a major event in the visual. There’s much more to the video than just aesthetics, however, and as the track reshapes itself from verse to chorus, its story unfolds, drawing the listener further into Vök’s haunting world.

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