Watch LDN, a new documentary about the capital’s burgeoning UK rap and grime scenes

Over the last two years one city has become the centre of musical culture across the world, LDN.

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London is in the middle of a renaissance. As grime’s superstars have risen to chart status a new wave of rap, grime and RnB artists have followed, taking advantage of their new-found legitimacy and turning online success into real life fame. The number of new artists worth talking about in London right now is impossible to list. From the poetic stylings of Kojey Radical to the raw drill of 67, the soul of Ray BLK to the carefully constructed bars of Dave, the capital’s scene is thriving in a way that almost puts every other city-wide movement of the last decade to shame.

This boom is the subject of Nathan Miller’s new documentary LDN. Released today, Miller speaks to some of the most important players in the scene, old and new, to understand the origins of the current explosion. Throughout its portrait of the scene’s many stands, one thing becomes clear, the internet is key. YouTube platforms like LinkUpTV, GRM Daily (whose founder Posty contributes to the documentary) and SBTV, have given a generation of artists access to an audience hungry for the newest thing. However, as Miller documents, it took a change in the industry at large and a renewed focus on London to turn this niche success into worldwide fame. Over 45 minutes Vicky Grout, Semtex, Morgan Keyz, J Hus and a whole host of the scene’s brightest talents explore how an underground scene turned into a full-time job for a whole generation. The result is a considered portrait of a movement certain to continue conquering as summer 2017 approaches. Watch below.

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