Welcome to Lo Village, the best hip hop collective in Maryland, USA

Lo Village make a compelling introduction in the double video for Cliches/ Keep Up.

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Lo Village are the best rap collective you’ve never heard of. Hailing from Gaithersburg, Maryland, which is also home to chart-topping rappers Logic and Wale, the trio make smart, 90s-style hip hop influenced by everything from Kendrick Lamar to modern day mumble rap. Made up of MCs Kane and Charles Tyler and vocalist Ama, Lo Village sound like the best moment of the last twenty years of hip hop condensed into one group.

Case in point is the group’s new double release ‘Cliches/ Keep Up’. A pair of short stripped back tracks, they invite the listener into Lo Village’s world, full of gently conscious bars and intertextual references that will keep any hip hop fans on their toes. Today they’re premiering the video for ‘Cliches’ and ‘Keep Up’ on Notion, expanding that world and showcasing the group’s aesthetic talents alongside their music ones.

Directed by Marleaux Desire, the video for ‘Cliches’ introduces the group while running through a string of hip hop cliches, using bars from iconic rappers such as Ice Cube as dictionary definitions for each. There’s even a nod to the greatest Marland-based TV show ‘The Wire’. The video for ‘Keep Up’ follows the events of ‘Cliches’ bringing all three members of the group together, with Ama coming through with a near flawless verse on the ‘Male-Dominated world’. Speaking about the video Kane said “The group was going through a lot and these were a couple of the tracks that were created during that time. We really wanted to use vibrant colours and classic themes to get our point across in this video and I think that was conveyed clearly.” Watch the video for ‘Cliches/ Keep Up’ below.

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