Welcome to the world of BAYA: watch the Norwegian producer’s cultish new video for Loon

Meet BAYA, Oslo's most exciting new production talent and feast your eyes on his stunning video for Loon

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Europe is a hotbed of electronic music at the moment. Across the continent, strange and compelling new sounds are emerging on the daily. Berlin may be the city that springs to mind when you picture the world of electronic music but now, if BAYA has anything to do with it, Oslo could be set to become Europe’s new electro-capital.

A multi-instrumentalist and producer, BAYA arrived on the scene in September with his debut single ‘A Call To Say Hello’ and is set to take it by storm when he drops his debut EP Oslo / Harlem next year. An attention-grabbing blend of house, French touch and the kind of thoughtful production usually reserved for the likes of Nicholas Jaar or Romare, BAYA experiments with dance music’s foundational elements in a thoroughly listenable way. His latest single ‘Loon’ is the kind of track that’d have you desperately trying to Shazam, while unable to stop dancing if it dropped in the club.

Its accompanying video, premiering here, is suitably grand for a single of ‘Loon’s stature. Staged in the Norwegian wilderness and featuring a huge cast, BAYA and director Jenny Hviding create a cultish world of extravagantly outfitted ravers, hippies, and whatever you call a group of guys in tribal face paint and white boiler suits. The video explores their intimidating yet intriguingly free home, in real life a former military base, where ravers rave, hippies bathe in rivers, and aforementioned men in boiler suits charge around the woods. It’s the best new video you’ll see today, if not this week, trust us.

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