Weslee are lost for words on new single Tongue Tied

Weslee up the ante on their first single of 2018, Tongue Tied.

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With the rise of artists like Mahalia and the continued success of Jorja Smith, Mabel and more, 2018 is set to be a stellar year for British R&B. We’re not even a month in and there’s already a bumper crop of new talent and releases worth getting excited about. Leading the pack today are Weslee, an as yet unidentified duo from London making rich old school bangers packed with melodies and sweeping instrumentals. Last year they dropped three singles, each a sweeter slice of urban pop than the last and now they’re premiering their first track of 2018 here on Notion.

‘Tongue Tied’ is a lavish slow jam. Swooping synths melt into soaring, textured vocals as plastic drums ripple underneath, it’s unmistakably modern but there’s an early 90s or even late 80s feel to the whole thing. Where Weslee’s previous singles have been more minimalistic and pointedly futuristic, ‘Tongue Tied’ sounds like an old-school prom jam; a soundtrack to an imagined teenaged romance. It’s an unexpected change in direction ahead of the pair’s performance alongside Jessie Ware and Sunflower Bean at the Jazz Cafe this Feb. Listen to ‘Tongue Tied’ below.

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