Who and what inspires Flores?

Sensual artist Flores has let us in on her creative process and shares a list of influences for her delicate sounds

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It seems Norway is the birthplace of ambient electronic sounds, spawning a whole host of performers across different genres and now, Flores, who leans towards the variety of RnB not dissimilar to Banks, is another artist ready to fight for your attention. It’s not a hard task though, last year having released the epic tracks ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Underwater’, both of which picked up a lot of heat on the music blogs and gained a significant number of plays across her SoundCloud channel. Her new track, the sublime ‘Oceans’, which was produced by Brit artist Maths Tim Joy, has continued the hype around her and firmly set the bar of what we’re going to be expecting from Flores’ future releases.

While she’s been quite private so far, Flores has shared a little of what inspires her music for this week’s mood board.

‘Oceans’ is available to buy now via True Colours label.
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