Wood Chips embraces life on the ranch in the tender video for Heartbeat

Wood Chips balance folk, pop and electronic music on debut single Heartbeat, we premiere the track's new video.

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about musicians embracing a more ‘organic’ sound. As electronic music and hip hop have become mainstream, making music with instruments has come to signal something subversive in the pop world, billed as a ‘return to roots’ or a ‘refreshing change in sound’. Everyone’s been at it, from Old Man Timberlake on his severely misguided new album Man of The Woods to Lady Gaga’s reemergent love of her piano-playing roots on Joanne. Almost every time these moves fall flat, coming across as confused at best, and cynical at worst, however, done well, the embrace of an acoustic guitar can be a thing of beauty.

Case and point is the music of Andreas Asingh, formerly known as Slowolf. A Danish producer who had worked with the likes of Raekwon, Kimbra and Scrufizzer he had topped the charts in his home country and made a name as a rising talent across the world when his son, Karlo, was taken critically ill. Having nearly lost his child, Asingh reevaluated his life and in the process, his music, moving with his family from Copenhagen to the Danish countryside and eventually reincarnating himself under a new guise, Wood Chips.

Inspired by his new life in the country and already a multi-instrumentalist, Asingh embraced a more traditional sound, picking up an acoustic guitar to record his first new music since the move. The result was debut single ‘Heartbeat’; a folk song injected with the vibrancy of Asingh’s time as a producer. Steel guitars melt into airy falsettos, hints of his electronic past throughout. It’s a song that manages to be sentimental without veering into the territory of twee.

Today, Notion is premiering the accompanying video for ‘Heartbeat’, a tender visual that sees Asingh and his sons exploring the woods around their new home, joined by Wood Chips’ band, every last one of them dressed in immaculate all-white outfits. Speaking about the new video, Asingh said: “My youngest son Karlo inspired me to start Wood Chips, and this video is celebrating his miraculous come back to life. Karlo’s big brother Albert is playing the drums on the song, and he is joining the video fooling around in the woods late at night together with his crazy dad. Nice one Albert!”

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