WSTRN open up on why they teamed up on the Artists for Grenfell record

The boys from WSTRN, along with many other notable artists that have contributed to the charity single raising money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Here they explain more about working on the project.

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Following the horrific blaze at Grenfell Tower which has left 79 residents feared dead, and according to reports, many others missing, Simon Cowell gathered his artist contacts (and there are many) together for a charity single – a cover of ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’. The entrepreneur, who resides in the same borough as where the Grenfell Towers is situated, reportedly gave away £100,000 of his own fortune towards the victims and survivors of the blaze but was compelled to help further. He told The Mirror “You kind of thing, what can I do? Do you donate some money and I was thinking, well maybe we could do a little more than that and that’s how the record came about.”

The single, which went straight to #1 last week, features our cover star Rita Ora, along with Craig David, Anne-Marie, Dua Lipa, Donae’O, RAY BLK and Stormzy. It also features the talents of West London R&B group WSTRN, who explain to Notion why it was important to them to be involved. Take a look at some exclusive pictures from the making of the single below.

Notion: What compelled you to participate in the Artists for Grenfell single?
WSTRN: We didn’t want those affected by the tragedy to feel alone. I think it’s important to shed light and love at times like this. I was humbled when given a voice to represent my people, especially as It could have been any of us in that tower. We’ve played football, been with girls and shot videos on that block.

Have you been down to the site at Grenfell? Did you speak to anyone there?
You can feel this heavy, invisible cloud hanging over as you walk around the area. When you witness the aftermath with your own eyes you develop a heightened sense of clarity on the situation. It’s not just a news report with numbers, it’s real people with real families and feelings. At the same time It’s through the dark days you find your courage, and that’s exactly what’s happening over here. I’m proud of the community.

Why do you think it’s important that communities come together following tragic events like these?
Because when we strip back all the material things we own we come to realise all we really have is each other. We are social beings so it’s fundamental to have a support system. The more we come together the more we communicate. The more we communicate the better our understanding of one another becomes.

What message would you like to send with the single?
Remembrance and Respect. Remembrance for the people we lost and respect to the people that are still with us battling the demons.

How do you think we can continue to support the survivors and those that have been affected by the tragedy?
Buy the artists for Grenfell track and keep an eye out for the fundraiser event that’s being organised. Due to the amount of willingness and support, the scale of the event keeps increasing. Other than that I just advice to spread love – the world needs more of it.

Find out more about Artists for Grenfell here

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