XamVolo reveals Cathedrals the final part of his A Damn Fine Spectacle short film

Neosoul mastermind XamVolo comes through with the final episode of his short film A Damn Fine Spectacle.

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Over the last two weeks, we’ve been premiering XamVolo’s short film A Damn Fine Spectacle piece by piece. Made to accompany his new EP of the same name, each clip from the film accompanies a track from the record and today we can reveal the final part ‘Cathedrals’. A redux of everything we’ve seen before, the final clip serves to both clarify the events of the film so far and raise further questions about the protagonist and the man she meets in the club.

Speaking about the final clip, director Katy Sumption said “throughout the films we see her simple want for desire and adoration create the opposite desired effect. Her need to be admired creates behaviours that seem erratic, unjust and almost laughable to those around her. For the main protagonist her unexpected rejection of him leaves him confused and angry. With his pride and ego hurt, he’s ultimately driven to confront her.

“Attempting to live up to the societal pressures to be the perceived perfect woman – to look, act and behave a certain way ironically leads her to a place of confrontation and anger. The power of admiration she both strived for and seemingly began with, unravels to reveal itself as the more toxic catalyst.”

Watch ‘Cathedrals’ below.

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