Yung Lean wanders back in time in the music video for Red Bottom Sky

Yung Lean wanders through the woods, raps in a lake and is welcomed to a pre-colonial era mansion in the new music video for Red Bottom Sky.

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Yung Lean

Last month Yung Lean released his third studio album Stranger. To accompany the release, he dropped a short film ‘Metallic Intuition’, which saw him bloody-faced and lonesome, wandering through an isolated desert. This time, continuing his line-up of striking visuals, he’s embodied the same concept for the music video for ‘Red Bottom Sky’. Directed by Marcus Söderlund, an isolated Yung Lean wanders seemingly aimlessly through the woods before finding his way into a colonial-era mansion where he’s welcomed by French soldiers. It’s a surreal, captivating concept that fits the emotional ambiguity of ‘Red Bottom Sky; surprisingly well, it’s also the only video you’ll this year with an MC rapping whilst stood in a pond holding a candelabra, we guarantee. Watch the video below.

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