Zoology revel in summer love on the graceful Maroon

Two Instagrammers come together to create sun-struck, dreamy alt-pop perfect for the final weeks of summer.

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Zoology are a testament to the powers of Instagram. The brainchild of Emily Krueger and Beau Diakowicz, the band started in two separate countries, Emily in one, Beau in the other. Mutual admirers, the pair connected over the web and wrote their first song ‘Escape’ without ever having met. Nearly 2 million streams later it’s safe to say the track was a success.

The duo’s sound is built around sun-struck guitar and Emily’s soft-edged vocal. Gentle arpeggios rise and fall, recalling Lianne La Havas’ intricate fretwork as tales of romance and infatuation float over the top. The pair also flirt with electronic music, bringing in scatters of synth and pulses of off-kilter drums, transforming their subtle, gentle songwriting into propulsive alt-pop.

Case and point is their new single ‘Maroon.’ Premiering on Notion today, it’s the first track Emily and Beau wrote in the same room as one another and proves that their songwriting chemistry is just as present in real life as it was online. What starts as a summery, delicate guitar and vocal affair gradually gains momentum and switches into a fuzzy, lovelorn ode to a crush, Emily dreamily repeating “I’ll never get you out my head” as the track slowly fizzles out of life. Speaking about the track Zoology said: “Maroon was written in a London apartment, decorated completely red, and was the first song we wrote together in the same room. Maroon is for the person you’ll never get out of your head, the colour of lasting infatuation.” Listen to ‘Maroon’ below.

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